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How to iterate through JavaScript object

The best way to iterate through JavaScript object on modern browsers is:

  1. to convert the object into JS array
  2. then to iterate through the array.

Here is an example:

var myObject = { string: "example", integer: 12 };

Object.entries(myObject).forEach(function ([key, value]) {
   console.log(key, value)

The expected console output is:

string example
integer 12

For older browsers (before ES6), the only way to loop through JS objects is to use a for ... in loop:

for (var property in object) {
	// Skip loop if the property is from prototype
	if (object.hasOwnProperty(property)) {
    	// Do awesome stuff here
When you loop through an object with the  for ... in  loop, you need to check if the property belongs to the object or to the prototype.